EasyTREK SP-500

  • The new EasyTREK SP-500 series ultrasonic level transmitters are available to order from the end of June.
    The members of the new EasyTREK SP-500 series can be recognised from the more compact size, and the increased maximum measuring distance in the specific price range.
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  NIVELCO Magazine 2012/2
14. Dec. 2012.       
The newest 2012/2 issue of NIVELCO Magazine is published for the 30th birthday of NIVELCO Process Control Co.! From its content:
  • The History of NIVELCO since 1982 (continued)
  • The Most Accurate NIVELCO Level Transmitter
  • NIVELCO Transmitters Protecting the "Red gold"
  • Penetration of NIVELCO in the Middle-East
  • THERMOPOINT Temperature Transmitters in Dubai
  • NIVELCO in the Ice Cream Factory
  Winter shutdown
21. Nov. 2012.       
Please be informed that also this year NIVELCO will be closed between the

22nd of December 2012 and the 1st of January 2013

due to winter holidays. We will resume operations on the 2nd of January. According to the shipping terms in our Product Catalogue, if you send your orders till the 5th of December, we should send out your shipments till the 21st of December. We recommend you to send your orders till the 5th of December to be sure that we can deliver it till the 21st of December. Your orders received after this date will be collected here and will be processed on a "first come first served” basis. Please note that we will start shipping in the 2. week of 2013. During the first week of January we can deliver only products that are available from stock. The on-line service by our export staff will be available on the following days: 27th - 28th of December.
NIVELCO Export Marketing
  Croatian water conference and exhibition
12. Nov. 2012.       
Between 24 and 28 October 2012 an international conference and exhibition was held in the coastal Adriatic island of Bol, in Brac city in Croatia. More than 600 participants were attended on this event which was a good platform of experience exchange for the water experts from Croatia and other South East European countries. Considerable number of domestic and foreign companies took opportunity to exhibit their equipments and technologies. NIVELCO was represented with an exhibition stand and a technical-commercial lecture held by Mr. Damir Zibrat B.Sc.E.E. The presentation was about NIVELCO's best-seller product, the EasyTREK SP integrated ultrasonic transmitters. During a local on-site trip the participants were able to see practical installations of EasyTREK SPA 340-4 in waste water pump stations in a touristic town where reliability of transmitters is extremely important.
15. Oct. 2012.       
NIVELCO Process Control Co. celebrated its 30th birthday on the 12th of October 2012 in one of the most prestigious establishments of Budapest, the Museum of Fine Arts at Heroes' Square where a fascinating gala evening was held. The star hostess of the evening, Krisztina Bombera and the vocal band, called Fool Moon took care for the good atmosphere and entertained the more than 300 participants, the NIVELCO family and our highlighted domestic and export partners, distributors from all around the world and of course our subsidiary companies.
The gala evening was the part of a 3-day anniversary sales meeting held in Visegrád, the beautiful conference location next to the picturesque Danube Bend.

  Eco Impuls 2012 exhibition
08. Oct. 2012.       
Between 25 and 26 October 2012 the Eco Impuls 2012 - International Conference of Environmental Research and Technology will be held for the first time. This international conference was initiated by Aquademica Foundation where NIVELCO Tehnica Măsurării, the Romanian subsidiary of NIVELCO Process Control Co. will exhibit.
We count on your attendance on this the 2-day event which will take place in Regional Business Center Timisoara.
  AUTOMATION 2012, India
26. Sep. 2012.       
Immediately after MICONEX 2012 at Shanghai, China NIVELCO had another participation on an international exhibition of the Far-East region. The 4-day AUTOMATION 2012 at Mumbai, India was an overwhelming success with more than 250 registered visitors in our booth. The NIVELCO reference film which was continuously running on the LCD screen was a spectacular attraction besides the level transmitters and switches measuring coloured water. Among the working instruments the focus of visitor interest was on the new PiloTREK non-contact microwave level transmitter.
We thank to all of you who visited us on the show and our distributors who supported us on this event!
  Summer Paralimpic Games in London
18. Sep. 2012.       
Gyöngyi Dani continued her excellent participation on the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London. After she won silver medal in the individual foil competition, she could compete for gold medal again as a member of the Women's team épée open. In the final the Chinese team won against the Hungarians, but Gyöngy Dani's remarkably successful participation earned two silver medals in the Paralympic Games in 2012.
  New fleet of NIVELCO cars
18. Sep. 2012.       
In September 2012 NIVELCO has completely renewed its car fleet and continues the domestic regional support service in a higher gear. NIVELCO has to provide good technical and working conditions for the regional representatives who drive over 200.000 km in a year to keep in touch with our parters. Now all 4-year old cars has replaced to brand new modern cars to facilitate higher level customer contact in the future.
  Summer Paralimpic Games in London
06. Sep. 2012.       
The Hungarian Paralympic Team is remarkably successful in the Paralympic Games. NIVELCO - as one of the supporters of the Hungarian Paralympic Team - is very proud of them. Gyöngyi Dani, who will line up in 2014 Winter Paralimpic Games is a specially supported member by NIVELCO. Now she won silver medal in Women's Individual Foil Category B of the Wheelchair Fencing tournament. In the final unfortunately she lost with a score of 15 to 10 against the Chinese Jao Fang and achieved second place again after Athens.

NIVELCO congratulates and wishes further successes to Gyöngyi Dani and the Hungarian Paralympic Team!
  MICONEX 2012, Shanghai
27. Aug. 2012.       
Another great news about another successful participation from NIVELCO on an international exhibition, this time in Shanghai, the MICONEX 2012 Fair for Measurement Instrumentation and Automation. New PiloTREK, the starring of the 4-day event for NIVELCO was introduced with serious interest thanks to the increasing penetration of the microwave measurement technology in the Far-East region. Fortunately many new partnerships were born and NIVELCO had no lack of potentially new distributors.
Thanks to all of you who visited us on the show and let's meet again in the next year!
  AUTOMATION 2012, India
14. Aug. 2012.       
AUTOMATION 2012, a four day automation event between 7th and 10th September is dedicated to introduce new and upcoming automation technologies that can be used for supreme efficiency and productivity at various levels for different industries. Be it factory automation, robotics, drives and controls, process automation, pumps and valves, or software solutions, it is termed as India's biggest Automation show of the year. NIVELCO Process Control Co. is proud to announce its participation on this event together with our subsidiary company, NIVELCO India.
Please visit our Stand no. I8 & I9 in #5 Hall in the Bombay Exhibition Centre - NSE Complex, Mumbai.
  NIVELCO Croatia
06. Aug. 2012.       
Based on the positive experience gained by being represented by its own subsidiary companies NIVELCO Process Control Co. decided to establish a new subsidiary earlier this year. NIVELCO Croatia (NIVELCO MJERNA TEHNIKA d.o.o.) was established in 1st of July 2012 having a goal of penetration into the South-East European and Balkan markets. The headquarters of the newest NIVELCO subsidiary is located in Rijeka, where our colleagues provide technical support besides the marketing activities. Together with the freshly established NIVELCO Croatia the NIVELCO group consists of 8 own subsidiary companies in 8 different countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, India, Poland, Romania, Russia and the United States.
  Holiday Shutdown 2012
15. Jun. 2012.       
Please be informed that NIVELCO will have its usual Holiday Shutdown between the

21st of July and the 5th of August

it will resume full operations on the 8th of August.
We advise you to keep on sending your orders during our shutdown period because order processing will be done on "first come first served" basis. Please note that we will start shipping in the 33rd week (from 13rd of August). During the timeframe of the shutdown you will be able to communicate with us, the on-line service by our export staff will be available.
Thank for your understanding.

NIVELCO Export Marketing
  NIVELCO supports the FaceTeam
13. Jun. 2012.       
NIVELCO Process Control Co. has been supporting the improvement of Hungarian sport for more than a decade. The newest sport team sponsored by NIVELCO is the world-wide famous FaceTeam acrobatic basketball team.
Recently the team achieved overwhelming success with their unique basketball slam dunk and basketball freestyle show at the Britain's Got Talent competition in England. NIVELCO is very proud of them and we hope for future successes benefited from NIVELCO's support!
  NIVELCO Boat-trip
12. Jun. 2012.       
The 30-year old NIVELCO Process Control Co. has rewarded the employees of the Hungarian headquarters with a beautiful boat-trip. These familiar corporate events are very important to build stronger team-spirit and good atmosphere within the Company's life.
The 30th birthday celebration was held on a sight-seeing boat on the river Danube. The unique scenery of Budapest, the magnificent dinner and the performance of NIVELCO's own band, called The Old Show guaranteed the unforgettable experience for the evening.
  3 day seminar in Opatija, Croatia
11. Jun. 2012.       
Between 28 and 30 May 2012 the annual Croatian water seminar was held in Hotel Admiral in Opatija, a coastal Adriatic town of Croatia, where the importance of water management and its new technologies were emphasized. NIVELCO contributed with its own exhibition as well as with presentations held. Technical lectures were presented by Mr. Damir Zibrat, NIVELCO’s local hand about the most successful product of NIVELCO for the water industry, the EasyTREK integrated ultrasonic level transmitters.
During the seminar a short visit was organized where an EasyTREK installation was operating near the hotel. This well attended conference was a really good chance for NIVELCO to continue its penetration into the East-European markets.
  Business Superbrands 2012 Award
08. Jun. 2012.       
The 30-year old NIVELCO is awarded the Business Superbrands prize for the first time. The objective of the Superbrands programme is to exhibit such outstanding brands that represent positive examples for market players that wish to develop. The Business Superbrands prize is the world’s most significant B2B market evaluation system, whose professional juries honour the leading brands according to equal principles in 87 countries. The recognition is a positive feedback not only to NIVELCO, but also to its partners, who are affirmed that they use reliable instruments of a world-class manufacturer. This is the fifth time that the jury of 14 independent professionals has decided upon which brands are allowed to wear the Superbrands trademark for Business Superbrands, based on the Dun&Bradstreet database and with the help of professional chambers and associations. Based on the committee's decision, they considered NIVELCO Process Control Co. to be worthy of wearing the Business Superbrands 2012 recognition.
  Family Sales Meeting 2012/1
29. May. 2012.       
NIVELCO's strategical event NIVELCO Family Sales Meeting was held in Budapest, Petneházy Club Hotel between 2012 May 14 and 16. These annual meetings where the management and the subsidiary companies evaluate the results of the previous year are very important to build closer relationship with our own subsidiaries. During the two and a half day summaries and presentations about the successes and challenges of the first four month in 2012 were held along with exchange of experiences or development suggestions.

The event took place in a very good atmosphere, thanks to the beautiful environment. We are confident that 2012 will exceed the previous year for NIVELCO and the common goals will be achieved.
  NIVELCO Road-show in Russia
25. May. 2012.       
Esteemed Partners!

"RusAutomation” Chelyabinsk and “NIVELCO-Rus” Moscow would like to invite you to visit our event where we will represent the level measurement equipments of NIVELCO Process Control Co. Our Russian partners can meet NIVELCO's latest developments and special applications will be also highlighted.

The Conference will take place in the Russian Educational Academy (Chelabinsk, Krasnoarmeskaya, 55) starts from 11h in June 6. Please call +7 (351) 211-64-57 or write to for registration.
Do not hesitate to visit us!
  NIVELCO Exhibition in China
17. May. 2012.       
In 2012 “MICONEX International Conference and Fair for Measurement Instrumentation and Automation” will be held for the 23rd time in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from August 21 to 24. NIVELCO, a regular exhibitor of MICONEX Trade Fair is expecting a most positive outcome by exhibiting on the most popular automation show of the rapidly growing Chinese market. NIVELCO will introduce its total portfolio of level transmitters including new developments to the visitors.
Please do not hesitate to visit our booth #A270!
  Hannover Messe 2012
04. May. 2012.       
INTERKAMA, the largest process control show of the world is a standard feature of the Hannover Fair for the last ten years. NIVELCO, a frequent exhibitor of the event launched its new pulse radar, the PiloTREK using the platform provided by the show. A Sales Meeting was organised on the 25th to be attended by the visiting distributors and aimed at providing news around NIVELCO. The focused feature of the meeting was a technical presentation on the new PiloTREK.
The show was a success reflected by the great number of recorded visitors.
  NIVELCO Magazine 2012/1
11. Apr. 2012.       
The newest issue of NIVELCO Magazine is published for the Hannover Messe 2012 exhibition!

From its content:
  • The 30 years of NIVELCO
  • NIVELCO exhibitions in 2012
  • ISOIL Industria representation in Hungary
  • Product News:
    - PiloTREK non-contact microwave transmitters
    - THERMOCONT TXP temperature
    sensors for gases
    - UNICONT PDF-600 loop displays
    - FISCHER handheld instruments
  • Application references: wastewater treament,
    oil & gas industry, chemical industry, edible oil production, trout farming
  MagyarRegula 2012
26. Mar. 2012.       
Between 20 and 22 March 2012 the most significant Hungarian industrial automation exhibition and trade fair was held, the MagyarRegula 2012. The 30-year old NIVELCO Process Co. prepared for this domestic fair with one of the most attractive booth. NIVELCO presented numerous new products - such as the new 24 GHz PiloTREK non-contact radar transmitter - in this year besides the well-known level portfolio.

This year our visitors could watch a small own museum, collected from the most successful NIVELCO instruments of the last 3 decades.

Please do not hesitate to visit the next NIVELCO exhibition at Hannover Messe.
  AUTOMATICON 2012 - Poland
23. Mar. 2012.       
AUTOMATICON 2012 international exhibition was held for 18th time in Poland. Such as NIVELCO all significant players of the process automation industry and measurement-technologies exhibited on this highly popular trade in Poland.

NIVELCO introduced its total portfolio of level transmitters including new developments - like the new 24 GHz PiloTREK non-contact radar transmitters - to the visitors of this well attended Trade Fair.

Please do not hesitate to visit NIVELCO Poland stand for the next time on WOD-KAN Bydgoszcz 2012 Water Supply and Sewage Systems Exhibition.
  Happy 70th birthday!
13. Mar. 2012.       
Today - 13th of March - Tamás Szőllős, CEO of NIVELCO Process Co. celebrates his 70th birthday. Founded as a two-person family venture in 1982, NIVELCO has grown to a leading and respected instrument manufacturer under his control. We are very proud of his work and we wish him strength and health for the future. We wish that he will take active part in the management of NIVELCO for a long time.
  Process Instrumentation IX.
13. Feb. 2012.       
The process flow of the water softening technology is illustrated by the latest of NIVELCO’s animated flow chart series.

The received raw water from the wells contains calcium and magnesium salts, as well nitrates at ionic form. These materials can result deposits, which may be harmful for the process industrial equipments such as boilers, exchangers, so the water should be softened.

Instruments suiting this application as per NIVELCO’s recommendation will appear with their full specification when clicking on the appropriate symbol on the chart.
  NIVELCO Magazine 2011/2
17. Jan. 2012.       
From its content:
  • History of ultrasonic level measurement
  • Conquering the Middle Empire
  • The role of the NIVELCO subsidiaries
  • NIVELCO Product News:
    - NIVOSWITCH vibrating forks
    - NIVOROTA E700/800 rotary paddles
    - UNICONT PGK-301 Ex isolators
    - UNICOMM SAK-305 HART modems
  • Principles of the non-contact microwave level measurement
  • Application references: steel industry, open reservoirs, biogas plant
11. Jan. 2012.       
NIVELCO Co., a regular exhibitor of the Interkama exhibition since 1989 expecting a positive outcome from the prestigious HANNOVER MESSE Trade Show between April 23 and 27 in 2012. Interkama is the world's leading showcase for industrial technology within the HANNOVER MESSE, where our new PiloTREK Pulse Radar series will be introduced.

Please visit our Stand no. F54 in #11 Hall – Process and Energy Automation.
  NIVELCO Company Profile 2012
04. Jan. 2012.       
In 2012 NIVELCO Process Control Co. celebrates its 30th anniversary. On this occasion NIVELCO Company profile 2012 is launched to introduce the company founded in 1982 to concentrate on the manufacture of industrial level measurement and control products. The NIVELCO strength originates from the solid base created by a family business, guided over 75 turbulent years of continuous development. Milestones establishing the successes of the present have facilitated that NIVELCO is now a world-class level specialist, based in Hungary.
  Process Instrumentation VIII.
02. Jan. 2012.       
The process flow of the malt production is illustrated by the latest of NIVELCO’s animated flow chart series.

Malt is the most important raw material of beer and whisky. Continuous metering and switching as well as temperature monitoring of the raw (barley, wheat, rye, etc.) and finished (malt) materials are required by the technology used in this type of malt production. Instruments suiting the application as per NIVELCO’s recommendation will appear with their full specification when clicking on the appropriate symbol on the chart.
  EasyTREK SCA/SCB-300 series discontinued
14. Nov. 2012.       
9 years is a long service life ...
NIVELCO shall phase out its 4-wire EasyTREK SC-300 for liquids range of integrated compact transmitters by the 1st of January 2013.
The 4-wire EasyTREK transmitters served their 9 years well but since the 2-wire EasyTREK SP-300 units are now every bit as highly performing we see no reason to have them in our portfolio.
Rest in peace SCA/SCB-300!
  NIVOTRACK - with titan float
15. Jun. 2012.       
Float selection of NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive transmitters has expanded with a new float. The titanium version of the nominal Ø54 mm float will make liquid densities coverable down to 0.55 kg/dm3 using 2" process connection. This low density range was earlier the domain of the large stainless steel ball floats or the cylindrical plastic floats only. Benefitting of the above will the vessels having standard 2" process connections making installation of the large float equipped NIVOTRACK difficult or impossible. Another important news about NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive transmitters is that NIVELCO has recently received IEC Ex certificate for the NIVOTRACK series.
21. May. 2012.

NIVOTRACK - Mini type

Mini type of the high precision NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive level transmitters is launched!

The instruments can be ordered up to 1.5 m probe length with 1” BSP or NPT process connection. The magnetic float has a 27 mm diameter which can pass through the 1" connection so the device can be installed without removing the float.
The mini type NIVOTRACK transmitters are ideal choice for high accuracy level measurement in pipelines and small tanks.

05. Apr. 2012.


NIVELCO's newest development is the THERMOCONT TXP temperature sensor which is an ideal solution for reliable and accurate temperature measurement of gaseous media in pipelines or tanks. The instruments have heat-sink, strengthened probe and Ex d certified flameproof aluminium cast housing specially designed for the demands of the gas industry.

  Product Award in
MagyarRegula 2012
26. Mar. 2012.       
New development of NIVELCO, the 24 GHz PiloTREK non-contact radar transmitter won the Product Award of the MagyarRegula 2012 exhibition.
The ceremony was held in 20th March, where the award was taken over by Tamás Szőllős, CEO of NIVELCO.
04. Jan. 2012.

Expanding NIVOROTA range

A heat sink equipped version of the NIVOROTA E-700 rotary paddle switch extends its application range for higher temperatures.

While all parameters stay identical with those of the standard type, the temperature limit of the new unit will increase to 200°C enabling coverage of high temperature mediums such as aggregates, hot cement and the likes.

  THERMOPOINT for liquids
02. Jan. 2012.       
The THERMOPOINT multipoint temperature transmitters have been expanded with new executions in the last few months. Along with the plastic coated flexible probe version which is ideal for grains, NIVELCO offers suitable solution for multipoint and average temperature measurement of normal and hazardous liquids.
The flexible stainless steel probe versions are available up to 30m, the rod probe versions up to 3m. The 2-wire HART capable transmitters are ideal for custody measurements where tracking of the volume differences caused by temperature change has key importance.


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