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   NIPOWER - (Power Supply Module) : SYSTEM COMPONENTS


  • DIN rail mounting
  • Stabilised 12 or 24 V DC output
  • Overvoltage and short circuit protection


  • Power supply for transmitters and sensors


  • Power supply: 230 V AC
  • Output: 12 V DC, 2500mA or 24 V DC, 1250mA
  • Ambient temperature: -15°C .. +60 °C
  • Protection: IP20

  • DIN rail mounting
  • Stabilised 12 or 24 V DC output
  • Overvoltage and short circuit protection
  • Power supply for transmitters and sensors
  • Power supply: 230 V AC
  • Output: 12 V DC, 2500mA or 24 V DC, 1250mA
  • Ambient temperature: -15°C .. +60 °C
  • Protection: IP20

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EC declaration of conformity 0,24 

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2015 - AVIMIX APA S.R.L., Sanislau, Romania :: Distributor: NIVELCO Tehnica Masurarii

The AVIMIX APA S.R.L. established a new grain drying and storage facility near the Hungarian border in the town of Sanislau. The task was to provide level and temperature measurement system for four grain silos. In addition local display in the central control room and in an office computer was also required along with data-logging. Designing of the cable-architecture and the cable routes for the proper communication was also the part of the task. After the installation of the measurement system there was an intensive one month testing period while all the silos were filled with grains and the logged measurement data were investigated much more frequently than the planned.

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  Nivelco's instruments:
  • THERMOPOINT TMH-55D-8 Ex - 28 pcs
  • THERMOPOINT TMH-55G-8 Ex - 4 pcs
  • EasyTREK SCD-33J-8 Ex - 4 pcs
  • MultiCONT PRW-2MA-1 - 3 pcs
  • NIPOWER PPK-331-1 - 2 pcs
  • JAD-4520 (ADAM adapter) - 1 pcs
  • NIVISION software


2014 - Soltec Ireland Ltd., Ireland :: Distributor: Multiplex Engineering Ltd.

Instrumentation for chemical storage tanks that needed to be continuously measured with a high level alarm indication and completed with a complex controlling system. The outside horizontal cylindrical tanks and are regarded as ATEX, hazardous environment, therefore all the elements of the measurement system must be intrinsically safe versions.

Read more ... Complex instrumentation for solvent storage tanks (Ireland)

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • MicroTREK HTA-430-8 Ex - 6 pcs
  • UNICONT PGK-301-A Ex - 6 pcs
  • UNICONT PMG-411-1 - 6 pcs
  • NIVOSWITCH RCM-401-8 Ex - 6 pcs
  • UNICONT PKK-312-8 Ex - 6 pcs
  • NIPOWER PPK-331-1 - 4 pcs


2013 - Nyárádszereda Water Works, Romania :: Distributor: NIVELCO Tehnica Masurarii

The small water treatment plant in Nyárádszereda uses remote controlling solution with radio communication for the pump control. The two outside water tanks are located 2km faraway from the control station. The tanks have 500 m3 capacity and act as communicating vessels so only one tank is equipped with NIVOPRESS NPK hydrostatic borehole level transmitter. The output signals of the NIVOPRESS instruments are transmitted by a radio receiver-transmitter unit to the UNICONT PMG universal controller placed at the control room of the water treatment plant. The UNICONT PMG controls the pumps in accordance to the measured level values.

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • UNICONT-PMG-411-1
  • NIPOWER-PPK-331-1


2013 - Miskolc Water Works, Hungary

The sewage shafts at the Miskolc Water Works are equipped with crushers in order to pump protection. The crushers grind the bigger solid particles of the sewage and the incoming water reaches the pumps when it crossed the crusher. Originally the crushers were operating all the time, mostly unnecessarily. Now the grinder acts like a filter screen when not operating. When the contaminations start to build-up in front of the crusher the water level will increase inside the shaft. The water level is monitored by an EasyTREK ultrasonic level transmitter. The measured value is displayed on a UNICONT PMG unit and the crusher equipment is controlled by the UNICONT PMG. When the water level raises the crusher will start, grinds the driftwoods therefore the water level will decrease and then the controller stops the crusher. Thanks to this controlling solution the crusher is operating only if necessary resulting great energy savings.

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • EasyTREK SPA-340-4
  • UNICONT PMG-411-1
  • NIPOWER PPK-331-1


2013 - Zsóry Spa, Mezőkövesd, Hungary

The thermal wells of the Zsóry Spa are obligated to be continuously monitored and registration is also required for the measured level and temperature values. One of the 140m deep wells is equipped with NIVOPRESS NPP-58A-6Ex borehole hydrostatic level transmitters with integrated Pt100 temperature sensor. The water is 47°C hot and hydrogen sulphuric so the cable is FEP coated. The measurement values are transferred to a MultiCONT PRD-22A-5Ex and stored in an SD card which is read out regularly.

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • MultiCONT PRD-22A-5 Ex
  • UNICONT PTF-401-4
  • NIPOWER PPK-331-1


2012 - NT Food Kft., Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary

The NT Food Kft. in Kiskunfélegyháza produces hot pressed, extracted, raw and refined sunflower cooking oil, their best-known brand in Hungary is called Kunsági Éden. The company is the largest Hungarian owned edible oil producer for over 15 years. The implemented measurement system monitors the batch numbers assigned to the raw materials during the whole manufacturing process from the input seed state to the bottled oil state.

Read more ... Edible oil plant with NIVELCO instrumentation (Hungary)

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • MicroTREK HHS-410-8 Ex - 4 pcs
  • MicroTREK HTN-415-4 - 3 pcs
  • NIVOTRACK MTK-540-4 - 4 pcs
  • NIVOTRACK MTK-5A0-4 - 4 pcs
  • THERMOCONT TSP-211-0 - 33 pcs
  • THERMOCONT TSP-215-0 - 42 pcs
  • NIVOPRESS DTE 551-8 Ex - 2 pcs
  • NIPRESS DRE-452-2 - 4 pcs
  • NIMET BLV-141-4 - 152 pcs
  • MultiCONT PRW-2MA-2
  • UNICONT PJK-102-4 - 8 pcs


2011 - Linamar Precision Part Manufacturing Site in Békéscsaba, Hungary

Linamar Precision Part Manufacturing Site in Békéscsaba, Hungary uses NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive transmitters to measure the washing liquid of filtering-cleaning Common Rail equipment.

Read more ... NIVELCO in mechanical engineering automation (Hungary)

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • NIVOTRACK MMA-504-6 Ex 2 pcs.
  • UNICONT PDF-501-6 Ex
  • UNICONT PGK-301-B Ex
  • NIPOWER PPK-331-1


2011 - ÉMV Incineration plant in Sajóbábony, Hungary

MicroTREK guided microwave and NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive transmitters measure the level in xylol and boric acid tanks.

Read more ... High precision level measurement in ÉMV Incineration Plant (Hungary)

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • NIVOTRACK MTK-560-8 Ex 4 pcs.
  • NIVOTRACK MTC-530-8 Ex 3 pcs.
  • MicroTREK HHR-428-8 Ex 4 pcs.
  • UNICONT PGK-301-B Ex 11 pcs.
  • NIPOWER PPK-331 3 pcs.


2010 - Budapest Sewage Works Ltd. - South-Pest Wastewater Treatment Plant

In the wastewater treatment plant rotary drum screens filters the incoming raw wastewater. Controlling task of rotary drum screens are performed with NIVELCO integrated ultrasonic level transmitters.

Read more ... Controlling of rotary drum screens (Hungary)

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • EasyTREK SPA-380-4 6 pcs
  • UNICONT PMM-324-1 3 pcs
  • NIPOWER PPK-331-1 6 pcs
  • NITIME JEL-111 3 pcs


2009 - NT Élelmiszertermelő Kft., Hungary, Kiskunfélegyháza

Level measurement of high temp (+150°C) oil in heat exchanger in the process of sunflower oil production with guided microwave radars.

Read more ... High precision level measurement and control with guided microwave level transmitter in oil extraction plant

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • 4pcs MicroTREK HHA-418-8
  • 4pcs NIPOWER PPK-331
  • 4pcs UNICONT PMG-411


2009 - Central European Gas Terminal (Közép-Európai Gázterminál), Dunaalmás, Hungary

LPG level measurement in hazardous environment with magnetostrictive level transmitters validated by the NMI (National Metrology Institute). High accuracy (1mm) measurement has been achieved to meet the regulations of excise laws. Due to the low specific gravity of the medium the 95mm float was installed.

Read more ... High accuracy level measurement of Lpg

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • NIVOTRACK MBA-325A Ex (2 pcs )
  • THERMOCONT TBC-527A Ex (2 pcs )
  • NIVOSWITCH RCM-406-8 Ex (2 pcs )
  • UNICONT PKK-312-8 Ex (2 pcs )
  • NIPRESS DRC-382-6 Ex (2 pcs )
  • NIPOWER PPK-331-1 (2 pcs )


2008 - GE Hungary Zrt., Nagykanizsa, Hungary

1. picture : before : STA-244
2. picture : now : SPA-340-4
3. picture : Parshall : SPA-360-4

Level measurement in sewage basin now and before.

Outgoing sewage measurement with Parshall flume

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • EasyTREK SPA-340-4
  • EasyTREK SPA-360-4
  • MultiCONT PEC-110-1



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