NIVELCO Selector

  • Our online product selection tool is available now after one year development work. This program offers three different ways to find the most suitable instrument for your measurement tasks in only 6 easy steps. After the selection you could request an official quote from our sales colleagues. In the 2014/1 issue of our Magazine you can read more about NIVELCO Selector. Please don′t hesitate to give a try!



      Szintmérés műanyag-granulátum silóban

      Level measurement in the plastic granules silo – Hungary


      ISOIL által üzembe helyezett NIVELCO távadók Olaszországban

      NIVELCO transmitters commissioned by ISOIL in Italy


      NIVELCO mérőrendszer a szivacsgyártásban (Románia)

      NIVELCO measurement system in sponge production (Romania)

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