EasyTREK SP-500

  • The new EasyTREK SP-500 series ultrasonic level transmitters are available to order from the end of June.
    The members of the new EasyTREK SP-500 series can be recognised from the more compact size, and the increased maximum measuring distance in the specific price range.


  2016 - Vilayat, Nirlat, Israel, :: Distributor: Technomad Industrial Instruments and Control Ltd.
Nirlat is one of the largest and leading Israeli industrial companies specializes in the development, and manufacture paint, decorative paint, powder, surface preparation compounds and sealants. Nowadays, as part of Israel south region development, Nirlat’s factory is replacing old production lines with new ones including all level transmitters & switches.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD-34J-4 – 4 pcs
      PiloTREK WPM-140-8 Ex – 12 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKH-502-5 Ex – 12 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKR-510-5 Ex – 4 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-406-9 Ex – 8 pcs
      NIVOCAP CKV-115-5 Ex – 4 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-401-4 – 2 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-401-3 – 4 pcs
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  2016 - Level measurement in dust collectors, PLYMOVENT, Hungary,
PLYMOVENT is a global, leading supplier of products, systems and services for the extraction and filtration of polluted indoor air, welding and cutting fumes, grinding dust and oil mist in the metalworking industry and removal of vehicle exhaust gases and tobacco smoke. After a technical agreement made two years ago PLYMOVENT uses NIVOSWITCH fork level switches manufactured by NIVELCO with great success in the dust collection tanks of car factory halls, air quality systems, community smoke and dust extractor systems, vehicle exhaust extractor systems, and extractor systems for cutting, grinding or welding technologies.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOSWITCH RFM-301-0
      NIVOSWITCH RLH-301-3

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  2016 - Tank farm, Borealis, Italy, :: Distributor: Isoil Industria Spa
Borealis offers a comprehensive range of innovative polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) solutions. ISOIL supplied monitoring tank farm and process control level switches The UNICONT PDF loop indicator displays the data of four weighing cell in the control room. The measurement results of the measured cells can be integrated into the system and can be displayed with the NIVISION software. The NIVOCONT R vibrating rod level switches perform lower or upper level control for small mixing tanks while the ultrasonic and guided microwave level transmitters measure the raw material and finished product storage tanks.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-412-4 - 2 pcs
      EasyTREK SCD-330-4 - 3 pcs
      EchoTREK STD-33J-3 - 18 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKH-602-1 - 75 pcs
      UNICONT PDF-401-4 - 1 pc
      MultiCONT PRW-18A-2 - 4 pcs
      NIVISION software
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  2014 - Soltec Ireland Ltd., Ireland, :: Distributor: Multiplex Engineering Ltd.
Instrumentation for chemical storage tanks that needed to be continuously measured with a high level alarm indication and completed with a complex controlling system. The outside horizontal cylindrical tanks and are regarded as ATEX, hazardous environment, therefore all the elements of the measurement system must be intrinsically safe versions.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTA-430-8 Ex - 6 pcs
      UNICONT PGK-301-A Ex - 6 pcs
      UNICONT PMG-411-1 - 6 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-401-8 Ex - 6 pcs
      UNICONT PKK-312-8 Ex - 6 pcs
      NIPOWER PPK-331-1 - 4 pcs
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  2013 - Hartmann Hungary, Ács,
The main product of Hartmann Hungary is paper egg tray which is manufactured from recycled paper waste. The pre-processed paper waste should be cleaned from the painting materials mainly for optical and for chemical protection reasons. This so-called „deink” process use Hydrogen peroxide which is stored in a large outside plastic tank. The continuous level measurement is solved with a PiloTREK Pulse Burst Radar, high / low fail safe alarm is provided by NIVOSWITCH level switches and the temperature should be also measured. The challenging measurement conditions are high temperature and strong condensation, this is the reason that the PiloTREK level transmitter is equipped with PP antenna enclosure.  Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK WGS-150-4
      WAP-150-0 antenna enclosure + MFT-222-3 flange
      NIVOSWITCH RFM-410-0
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3
      THERMOCONT TSP-119-0



  2013 - MOVI 2000 Kft, Hungary,
MOVI 2000 made several construction works recently for example in Debrecen or in Mosonmagyaróvár where the newly built feed plants required numerous level instrumentation eqipment. The different sized stock storage silos has been equipped with cable extended probe NIVOROTA rotary paddle level switches as high fail safe limit indicator. The units are Dust-Ex versions to meet the operation requirements. Due to the slight changes in the density of the stored feed the level switches have three-vane paddle.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOROTA EKL-710-5 Ex - 96 units
      NIVOROTA EKF-702-5 Ex - 8 units



  2013 - Fibrotermica Hungary Kft., Nyírád, Hungary,
Our partner is a Hungarian facility of a leading European manufacturer of polystyrene extruded foam insulation boards where the raw material storage tanks needed to be continuously measured. The customer is interested about the volume in the two tanks and it is calculated from the measured level value provided by coaxial probe type MicroTREK guided wave radars. The measurement data is displayed by UNICONT PMM units which are responsible for the batch controlling. There is an additional high fail-safe protection done by a NIVOSWITCH mini compact vibrating fork level switch. The complete measurement system has intrinsically safe protection.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTA-426-8 Ex - 2 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-405-8 Ex - 1 pc
      UNICONT PMM-311-1 - 2 pcs


  2012 - Pannonpower Kft, Pécs, Hungary,
An automatic filling equipment uses separated type NIVOCONT R vibrating rod level switches. The by-product of the straw-fired power plant is filled into special bags. On the dropside of the track there are 8 bags which are properly positioned under the filling equipment. The vibrating rod switches provide overfill protection in the automatic filling process.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOCONT RKR-508-1X09 - 8 pcs


  2012 - Győr Distillery Co. Ltd., Győr, Hungary,
Győr Distillery Co. Ltd. produces ethanols in high quality and they use EchoTREK compact ultrasonic level transmitter in the alkaline tank of the fermentation process. The measured values are displayed on the outside UNICONT panel instrument. The overfill protection is performed by PFA coated NIVOSWITCH vibrating fork level switch.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SGP-370-2
      UNICONT PMG-411-1
      NIVOSWITCH RAM-402-1


  2012 - Agrokémia Sellye Zrt., Sellye, Hungary,
The Agrokémia Sellye chemical plant made a major instrumentation investment project in 2011-2012. The pesticide containing batch-tanks are measured by magnetostrictive level transmitters with 95mm diameter float and two tanks are equipped with vibrating fork level switches for overfill protection.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTC-527-4 - 2 pcs
      NIVOTRACK MTC-529-4 - 1 pc
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3 - 2 pcs


  2011 - G.I.T.A.3 KFT. Budapest, Hungary,
The oil forwarding pumps of a Hungarian oil & gas retailer use API standard sealing liquid. The tanks containing this sealing liquid are equipped with NIVOPRESS D pressure transmitters besides the NIVOSWITCH low and high limit level switches. The control system uses the output signals of the UNICONT PKK current controlled switches which are connected to the NIVOSWITCH vibrating forks.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOPRESS DTC-5C1-6Ex - 41pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-8Ex - 82pcs
      UNICONT PKK-312-8Ex - 82pcs


  2011 - Gestamp KFT, Mór, Hungary,
Gestamp, leading automotive parts manufacturer has a multi-thousand square-meter painting factory in Mór, Hungary. There an important technological process is the dust purification of the air. So the dust containers of the air purifier equipment need to be monitored and replaced when full. Level switching task is done by NIVOSWITCH vibrating forks for solids.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOSWITCH RCM-301-0
      NIVOSWITCH RLH-301-3


  2011 - Refrasil S.R.O. - Trinec, Czech Republic, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Bohemia S.R.O.
Continuous level measurement with EasyTREK integrated ultrasonic transmitters in construction raw material tanks. NIVOCONT R vibrating rods perform high level switch.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD-34J-4 21 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKK-502-1 21 pcs
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  2011 - Spumotim - Pitesti, Romania, :: Distributor: NIVELCO T.M. S.R.L.
EasyTREK integrated ultrasonic transmitters measure the level of polyol and isocyanate tanks in Spumotim's site. NIVOSWITCH vibrating forks perform low level switch.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK 8pcs.
      NIVOSWITCH RFM-400 8pcs.
      MultiCONT PR-200 1pcs.
      UNICONT PJK-100 4pcs.
190,087Read more ... NIVELCO measurement system in sponge production (Romania)  


  2011 - Allison Transmission Site in Szentgotthárd, Hungary,
NIVELCO delivered its MicroTREK HT-400 guided radar transmitters for oil and oil-emulsion tanks in the new site of Allison Transmission in Szentgotthárd.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HT-400
      UNICONT PJK-100
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  2010 - Rotary Drilling Co. - Drilling fluid plant in Algyő, Hungary,
Level measurement of special technologic liquid - so called drilling mud with ultrasonic and microsonic level transmitters in storage silos. Low and high level switching of the silos are performed with float level switches.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SEP-325 17 pcs
      MicroTREK HTR-425 5 pcs
      NIVOFLOAT NWP-110 17 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3 2 pcs
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  2010 - Steel-works in Dunaújváros, Hungary - Coke-works,
Measurement of different types of coal powders in extreme dusty and ’Dust Ex’ environment with ultrasonic level transmitters. After separation of the finished product, level switch is performed with Ex-type vibrating forks.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SBD-31J-8 Ex 14 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RLH-304-E Ex 4 pcs
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  2010 - Vandamme Növényolajgyár, Hungary, Komárom,
Level measurement of storage silos of vegetable oil production process.  Nivelco's instruments:

      7pcs MicroTREK HTD-425-8Ex
      20pcs NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3
      UNICONT PMM-311-1
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  2010 - Coca-Cola HBC Kft., Hungary, Dunaharaszti,
Level measurement of base materials used in soft drink production. Re-use of industrial waste water and flow rate measurement.  Nivelco's instruments:

      5pcs NIVOPRESS DTE-651-2
      1pc EchoTREK SBA-380-2
      6pcs NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3
      AnaCONT LGP-211-2
      AnaCONT LCK 232-2
      ISOMAG ML 110
      ISOMAG MS 2500
      THERMOCONT TSP 221-0
      UNICONT PMM-313-1
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  2009 - Water treatment plant, Slovakia, :: Distributor: Hidrofilt
Technological equipments used in processes of water treatment work correctly only under appropriate conditions of flow, level, pressure and temperature. That is why measurement and control of these parameters is very important.  Nivelco's instruments:

      20pcs EchoTREK
      75pcs MicroTREK
      60pcs NIVOPRESS D
      16pcs Nivoswitch
      Thermocont TB
166,451Read more ... Instrumentation for water treatment (Slovakia)  


  2009 - Central European Gas Terminal (Közép-Európai Gázterminál), Dunaalmás, Hungary,
LPG level measurement in hazardous environment with magnetostrictive level transmitters validated by the NMI (National Metrology Institute). High accuracy (1mm) measurement has been achieved to meet the regulations of excise laws. Due to the low specific gravity of the medium the 95mm float was installed.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MBA-325A Ex (2 pcs )
      THERMOCONT TBC-527A Ex (2 pcs )
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-406-8 Ex (2 pcs )
      UNICONT PKK-312-8 Ex (2 pcs )
      NIPRESS DRC-382-6 Ex (2 pcs )
      NIPOWER PPK-331-1 (2 pcs )
146,998Read more ... High accuracy level measurement of LPG (Hungary)  


  2007 - INTER-TRAM Kft., Mátészalka, Hungary,
Level measuring of oil tanks with magnetostrictive transmitter, high fail-safe switching with vibrating fork level switch.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTA-334 - 3 pcs.
      NIVOSWITCH RFM-412 - 9 pcs.


  2007 - Weener Plastic Ltd., plastic processing plant, Budapest, Hungary,
Level switching in tanks containing plastic granules with vibrating forks.  Nivelco's instruments:



  2006 - Paint factory, Belgium, :: Distributor: RETEC INSTRUMENTS
Level detection of chemical products used in paint factory.   Nivelco's instruments:

      RFM4010 L=125mm
      RFM4030 L=300mm


  2004 - Cement plant, Hungary,
In a cement factory near Budapest EasyTREK SCD ultrasonic level transmitters are used for continuous level measurement of two 20 m (65.5 ft) high limestone grit storage silos. Additional NIVOCONT R Vibrating Rod level switches with cable extension are responsible for high fail-safe indication. Despite the harsh, heavy-duty environment the instruments meet the requirements and perform reliable operation.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SBD-33J-3 – 2 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKK-302-5 – 2 pcs


  2004 - HOLCIM Hungária Rt., Hejőcsaba Cement plant, Hungary,
Continuous level gauging of raw material storage bunkers, filling-emptying control, high fail-safe, hopper blockage monitoring. The NIVELCO transmitters and switches are in connection with the Control System of the plant to ensure automatic operation.  Nivelco's instruments:

      9 pieces of PiloTREK AOG-544-1 radar level gauge
      9 pieces of NIVOCONT RKK-320 vibrating rod level switch
      9 pieces of NIVOROTA EKH-402 rotating paddle level switch
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  2004 - ÉMV Incineration plant in Sajóbábony, Hungary,
Continuous level gauging of hazardous material storage containers using EchoTREK SEB-365-6 Ex and SEB-380-6 Ex ultrasonic level transmitters and upper alarm level switching using NIVOSWITCH RCM-402-8Ex vibrating fork level switches.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SEB-365-6 Ex
      EchoTREK SEB-380-6 Ex
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-402-8 Ex


  2002 - Power plant SIERSZA, Poland,
High fail-safe level switching of silos containing fly-ash using vibrating forks.
  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOSWITCH RCM-301-6X26


  1984 and 2004 - Rudagipsz Kft., Rudabánya, Hungary,
Level gauging of plaster tanks and silos using NIVOCONT RR and NIVOCONT RKH-302-1 vibrating rod level switches and NIVOROTA EKH-402-1 rotating paddle level switches.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOCONT RKH-302-1
      NIVOROTA EKH-402-1

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